• Scales of Justice - Natural

    Scales of Justice - Natural
  • King Of Kings

    King Of Kings
  • Cross Black

    Cross Black
  • Crede-Black


Christian Clothing Designs, Cross Shirts & Jesus T-Shirts

Original designs on Fashion Fitted Tshirts by artist J-Matthew


  • About the Cross Shirt

    About the Cross Shirt

    Friday, April 13th
    This one is pretty simple really. The Cross design has been around for thousands of years and has been adopted by most of the world's religions with the most importance o
  • Eternal Faith has fashion fitted religious shirts

    Eternal Faith has fashion fitted religious shirts

    Friday, March 23rd
    At Christian clothing designs we aim to bring you the best religious shirts from all around the world. There are many Christian clothing brands but most of them are print
  • About J-Matthew

    About J-Matthew

    Thursday, March 22nd
    About the Eternal Faith Designs artist: J-Matthew was born on a farm in Israel, just 20 minutes outside of Nazareth and right and over the hill from Cana. At the age o